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Participate in the TellCulvers to help shape our culinary adventure! We really appreciate your insightful criticism as we always work to improve our customer service, raise the standard of our cuisine, and offer unique dining experiences. By taking the survey, you have the chance to win great prizes and special discounts that will enhance your next visit in addition to helping us shape the future of Culver’s. Make your voice heard and join us in guiding Culver’s delicious future.

In this survey, you will get the details of the survey. In this, you have to share your thoughts and suggestions.

You can also get different services from the culvers. The survey is the only process that has different reasons.

Culver's Survey

Tellculvers Rules and Requirements 

  • When you decide to do the survey you have to follow some procedures and a set of rules. So now you will get the sets of rules.
  • First, you must have a citizen of the US, UK, or Canada to take part in a survey to tellculvers.
  • The age criteria are 13 years old, if you are below 13 years old then you cannot take part in the survey.
  • You have the valid receipt of the hotel and check that it has the receipt code that is important for the survey.
  • You need to have a basic knowledge of the English or Spanish language.
  • If you are working at the Culvers then you cannot take part in the survey.
  • Keep in mind that there is no exchange for the coupons or the menus.
  • Keep in mind that the coupon is not for sale.

How to Take Tellculvers Survey 

Now you will get the details of the steps that you have to follow.

  • First, check that you have the best internet connection and device such as a Computer or Laptop.
  • Then you have to open the browser go to the official site of the Culvers Hotel and open the survey link.
  • Then you have to select the language, so select the understandable language.
  • Then you need to put the details of the receipt of the hotel. So, put the 18 digits of the code and also put the TRN code. After that check once that you entered the correct information.
  • Then you will get questions about the hotel, such as the staff, behaviors of the staff, food quality, and other details of the survey. So, you have to provide the answers honestly.
  • In the comment section, you can also provide suggestions so make sure that you provide the best suggestions and ideas.
  • Then you can submit the survey, then you will get the validation code that you can use when you visit the hotel.
  • With the help of these procedures, you can complete the survey. So, make sure that you provide the best answers and positive feedback.
  • With the help of the survey process, you will get a clear idea about the survey and its details.

So, make sure that you attend the survey of culvers.


Reasons to Take Tellculvers Survey

  • As we get the survey customers can share their thoughts and the team also gets different ideas.
  • With the help of the survey, the team gets different feedback.
  • Based on that feedback they try to make better improvements they also have different suggestions. For getting new customers, the feedback process is important.
  • So, make sure that you attend the survey and provide the best feedback, with the help of it you can get different rewards.
  • With the help of the Culver Hotel’s survey, you also get an idea about the survey process and you provide the best answers.

What Kinds of Rewards Can You Expect?

In the survey, when you submit the survey, then you will also get the rewards and in the rewards, you will get different things.

First, you will get $25,000 to $30,000. You also get the validation code, so you have to attend the survey.

You will also get the 25 to 35 instant win prizes; in that, you will also get the 1 large butter burger shirt.

You will also get some instant prizes.

So, these are the different rewards you will get when you attend the survey.


  • Where can I get the Culver’s survey?

On your Culver’s purchase receipt, you’ll often see a survey invitation with a web link or QR code.

  • How much time is required to finish the Culver’s survey?

Mention the approximate time needed to finish the survey, which is often between a few minutes and about 10-15 minutes.

  • Is the survey offered in other languages?

Mention if the survey is available in languages other than English, if relevant.

  • How will you utilize my feedback?

Inform them that the comments they provide are analyzed for market research and utilized to enhance Culver’s services.


With the help of this information, you will get the details about the survey of culvers. With the help of the survey process, you can get the details and rules, and you also find out the importance of the survey.

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